British Summer Time begins

I need some escapism in my life. Anyone whoever works weekends knows this feeling. The home straight. You have run around like a mad man on too much caffiene and not enough sleep (thanks time police for conviscating that extra hour), all the must do jobs are completed so you sit down for a quick breather and a cuppa and that’s it. Done. Escapism seems to me the only remedy and the eternal optimist within is trying to see the plus side of all this extra day light and the Spring that is a coming to my freshly pedicured, sandal strapped feet. My current want list reads like…

bun is an online treasure trove. Rodellee Bas is the the founder of the store(in California) and has a love list we identify with; Audrey, Peonies, lace, colour coding and fairy tales. P.s. they ship all the way across the Atlantic to me and you.

Complemented by my pick of accessories courtesy of an Italian or two and THE fashion twins…..

EA flats
Elizabeth James backpack
Fendi sunglasses

It’s only bunny Sunday


From love for your hair

Totally love this hair lapin, everyone needs a little bittle of childish “long eared, short tailed” appreciation in their Sunday!


There’s a lot of attitudes going on around here… don’t let me get one


Wise words from the visually delicious and fantastical Mr Fox. This weekend why not pay tribute to Mr Anderson with not one but two of his fabulous masterpieces. The basis for the film is obviously the work of the beloved Roald Dahl but Wes Anderson is definitely an entertainer of adults and cleverly brings a darkness to the fable. After Mrs Fox announces her pregnancy, the previously crafty Mr Fox has to reform. Anderson takes us two years (12 fox years) into the future where the Foxes and their other animal professional friends (Badger, Fox’s attorney is my favorite) are living a congenial lifestyle. That is until Mr Fox goes on one last rampage.

 Listen out for a (voice) cameo from Wes himself, cast as weasel, Mr Fox’s estate agent.

Next up the film that in it’s third week has knocked Need for Speed (!?!?) off the top of the UK box office listings, proof there is a film god after all. The Grand Budapest Hotel boasts a stellar cast and is cut from the same cloth as previous offerings (Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom) precise, eccentric, classy and colourful film making, architecturally neat and an unreal weekend retreat.

“Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion” – Madonna

Well hello there, it’s been a while. TOO long. Old friend how I have missed you. Like Madonna (the true mother of all re-invention, necessary and not) it seems like it might be time for a mini lift, a nip and a tuck all followed by a little creative outpowering. The post code may have changed (still London living) and the lines may have developed new found character but the objective remains the same, a place to talk and type. When we started this blog the whole world of online musings was already popular but I don’t think many could of predicted how epic, technicolour and enlighting the world of blogging would become. There are over 150 million blogs currently in action, they influence spending habits and brand impact; but more importantly they make their creators very proud parents. With this is mind it’s time for me to off load ;) I thought I might just start softly with a whole lot of what I have been loving lately. We have never pretended to be able to get to every venue, see every film or “work” every lusted over item of couture because this is as much about escapism, inspiration and aspiration as it is reality….

“Reality is merely an illusion, if one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities”

Albert Einstein Vs Maya Angelou

P.S. homage to another strong lady and another welcome comeback!

Roll Up, Roll Up

Did you hear the Olympics are coming to town? Have you been warned not to leave your house? Have you seen the new dedicated traffic lanes?  If you are like the vast majority of Londoners I know you are already experiencing raising fury and that famed London grump face so let’s focus on the good, not the bad, ugly, planes, trains and (delegate filled) automobiles. The upside of hosting the world’s biggest sporting event is that the officials want to sell our city and make sure that the rest of the world see it for the amazing multicultural, fascinating, experience-rich place we know her to be.

All across town pop up ventures are, well, popping up! The Barking Bathhouse is one such offering, opening on 26th July, CREATE has commissioned the Something & Son design company to produce a venue offering detox (spa) with retox (a bar). There are a variety of treatments on offer, using produce grown by local allotment gardeners, a traditional wooden sauna, a cold room with a ‘dry ice’ chiller and a beach inspired shingle sunbathing zone (fingers crossed!!!).

Meanwhile, numerous national hospitality houses are setting up camp all around town. Countries from around the world will take over well know sites, show events on large screens and proudly exhibit their national cuisines, cultures and successes. The best tips? As the next Olympic venue and carnival aficionados Casa Brasil at Somerset House will bound to buzz, meanwhile Russia.Sochi.Park will be throwing back the vodka in Kensington Gardens.

Finally, The Retreat is an “exclusive members’ club” which you can actually buy your way into. This pop up hospitality venue is based at The Brewery, a grade 2 listed building in the heart of the city which aims to provide a base for both visitors and permanent city dwellers. It opens at 630am each morning through the games and “members” have the option to come and go throughout the day. Olympic events will be screened, live music will be played, food served and drinks clinked. There is a pampering area and a night club for after dark celebrating. A day ticket will set you back £294, evening membership is just £150 or if you are feeling a little flush 17 day membership is set at the princely sum of £3000.

There Ain’t Nothing Wrong…..

It is no secret that I am a fan of a bit of pouty, hip swivelling pop slash R’n’B and I am loving this new discovery, AlunaGeorge….the monochrome video style made me come over all nostalgic, somewhere between the PVC clad Lady Mad and the Jackson sibling coalition (nod to little dancing lady NG)….what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with a bit of head bobbing!

P.S. who doesn’t love a cape?!?!?! Dancing in a cape? SOLD!

It’s the Taking Part that Counts

Annex East is a pop up bar, restaurant, arts and entertainment venue in close proximity to the London Olympic Park. The 1800 square foot warehouse has undergone the royal 5 rings treatment and the product is a budding new prospect; a design led creative establishment that allows you to eat ( at Jimmy Garcia‘s Supper Club), drink (at Niki’s bar) and be merry whilst playing homage to our Great British Isle.

There promises to be a host of themed events; Sunday Brunch Sports Club, Film and Feast film screenings (Cool Runnings is on the bill) as well as host of live music nights and art exhibitions on the ground floor. On the 21st there is Dinner and Dodgeball event to allow us all to channel our inner athlete.

♥’s All Round Please


SO….this is how my thought processes go, I see a tree and dream of….

Dancing Feet

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love….

I am coming over all musical, jazz hands at the ready * pause for jingly jangly, elbows in, hands out and all a wave moment, big showbiz grin obligatory * so here is one of my favourite youtube offerings by a lady who is the current shizzle dizzle sizzler. Rita Ora is our very own home grown Rihanna, a Jay Z prodigy, originally born in Kosovo, she (like many of us!) “grew up” in west London and even auditioned for Eurovision, now that’s someone you can Get Down Tonight with.


It’s a Secret

Everyone ♥s a secret, a doorbell??? Even better….a pretend spy game??? Okay stop. I have stumbled around China town looking for the battered ECC door (worth it, GO) and tried to look nonchalant strolling through Chelsea Cloisters (in pursuit of teapot cocktails and old fashioned board games courtesy of Barts) now time for Earls Court, which I appreciate is not anyone’s first choice but who can resist a bit of PI activity….knock twice for yes!


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